January 16, 2015 /

Yvette + Oliver

San Diego Ranch Wedding Video

San Diego Ranch Wedding Video // Ivette & Oliver are the kind of people that would make good company if you were to find yourself stranded on an island. Knock on wood. Kind of… an island does sound nice. The playfulness that exists between these two was a reminder that if you’ve got great company, you’re bound to have a good time.

In LA, we’re spoiled with sun so this midsummer gloomy day caught us off guard. But that June gloom ended up being a beautiful backdrop to their bright and youthful bond. And dang, that bond was shinin’ so much brighter than any sun could. Maybe this is the kind of thing that makes people feel compelled to write poetry? Sure felt like it. These two are our gloomy day inspo for life!

San Diego Ranch Wedding Video, Below.

San Diego Ranch Wedding Videography Session // Credits

Video edited by Draws
Location: San Diego, California
Videographer: Danny